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April 2008

  Lady Frances Shand Kydd, Princess Diana's own mother, called her a "whore" for her involvement with so many men, in particular Muslims.

According to words overheard via the phone by Royal butler Paul Burrell, 38, Lady Frances was vituperative in her loathing of her daughter's sex life, especially her involvement with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, 48.

Princess Diana wished to marry the Muslim medic and live abroad - a plan that would have been explosive if made public.

Her mother's comments led to a 2-month silence between mother and daughter, a silence only terminated by Diana's death.



  Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard,32 - who won this year's award for her performance as Edith Piaf in "La Vie En Rose" - has said the USA fabricated the 9/11 attacks.

Speaking about her views on government conspiracies to a French website, she commented:

"I think we're lied to about a number of things."

She doubts whether the Twin Towers in New York could ever have collapsed so easily.

"We see other towers of the same kind being hit by planes", she said. "I believe there was a tower in Spain that burned for 24 hours, but it never collapsed.And there in New York, in a few minutes, the whole thing collapsed.

In any case, I don't believe all they tell me, that's for sure."



  London MP Sadiq Khan was bugged by the security services in private talks with a constituent in prison, it has been revealed.

The policeman who did the bugging, Mark Kearney, 47, was reluctant to do so, and now feels his name being leaked "puts my life and safety at risk."



  According to evidence at the enquiry in to Princess Diana's death, all of the Royal Family were being bugged.

Shockingly, a bugging device was detected in Diana's own bedroom when she called an expert in to investigate her suspicions.

The device is believed to have been placed near enough to both her landline and her bed so that intimate conversations could be overheard and taped.

The conversation between Diana and one of her many lovers - the so-called "Squidgygate" tape - was seemingly bugged by someone at Government GCHQ. These unknown agents then broadcast the tape on a loop, leading it to be intercepted (as intended) by amateur radio hams who then relayed it to the press.

Diana also believed her car was bugged. As she told the policeman in charge of her protection squad - David Meynell - 3 years before her death, and as he recorded exactly in his notes at the time:

"Even when no one knows where I'm going in my car, there are people waiting for me at the other end."



  Princess Diana told her lawyer that she believed she would be "removed" by the Royal Family, probably, she said "by some accident in my car such a pre-prepared brake failure."

So explosive was her statement - as well as her belief that Prince Charles was unfit ever to be king - that a more senior lawyer - Lord Mishcon - made a written record of her words. Yet this statement was kept secret at the time of her death.

Indeed, for 6 years, the authorities kept the note under wraps.

Enquiry lawyer Michael Mansfield, QC, accused the authorities :

"You were sitting on this note because you knew full well... the possibility that the security services or agents of the British state, maverick or otherwise, had been involved and you didn't want that investigated."



  Film-maker James Huth - one of the first people on the scene of Princess Diana's death crash - has told the Enquiry what he saw, 10 years after the events.And so for the first time, his account has been heard in public.

Speaking via video link from Paris, Mr.Huth - a former dental surgeon - told the London court how he was watching footage of his first feature film when he heard the crash outside.

"I remember I heard precisely the screeching of tyres, and them one shock, 2 seconds after, another shock, and a 3rd stronger shock."

He ran out on to his balcony, then down in to the tunnel. He said that with his medical knowledge he believed he could help. The first thing he saw was the body of driver Henry Paul, his head caught in an air bag. Then he saw survivor bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, with his jaw "hanging off".

As smoke poured from the bonnet of the Mercedes, Mr.Huth clearly saw the body of Dodi Fayed, in blue jeans and cowboy boots.

Witness Eric Li-Falandry - the driver who stopped to help at the scene of the crash - described the moment he saw Diana open her eyes.

The 47 year-old hire car chauffeur from Bordeaux commented:

"I looked in the back of the car and I saw a woman sitting with her back against the rear of the right-hand door as someone was attending to her. I then noticed her open her eyes. I said to myself that she was alive and I went on to the driver. I saw his white hand and I knew that he was dead."

Witnesses were initially confused as to who among the victims were dead or alive. Paparazzi believed Diana to be dead. One of the first to arrive - Frenchman Romauld Rat - shouted out "She's dead,hurry up!" to gathering photographers.

They frantically wrenched open the door of the wrecked car and began a barrage of photographs.


May 2006

  Lawyers for Dodi Al-Fayed's father, Mohammed, believe that the upcoming coroner's conquest in to the deaths of Dodi and Princess Diana may be 'a mockery'.

In what - nearly 10 years after the double deaths - continues to be a murky labyrinth of rumours and fears of cover-ups, answers continue to be elusive. Accident; conspiracy; murder - at present all are still seen as possibilities.

At present a 2-year investigation - Operation Paget, headed by ex-Scotland Yard Chief Lord Stevens, and staffed by 15 detectives - is still continuing in to Princess Diana's death.

This investigation has cost £2 million so far, and has taken nearly 1,500 statements from witnesses across the world.

One witness to the crash - 33 year old American Joanna Dakosta - now lives in Las Vegas. She has told journalists that the accident scene was never sealed by French police, allowing vital clues to be lost (or be removed?).

Lord Stevens himself told GMTV in March that the enquiry was 'far more complex than any of us thought'.

Yet rumours persist that the whole process is simply an elaborate cover-up exercise. The process will be as follows:-

The findings of Lord Stevens's inquiry will be passed on to the Royal Coroner when concluded.

The Royal Coroner can then hold an inquest. Yet even before this has started, this process has been seen by Mr Al Fayed's lawyers as flawed.

Controversially, the Royal Coroner has already announced that if he decided to appoint a jury to give a verdict on the evidence (he could simply judge it himself) he would be selecting this jury from officers of the Queen's household (i.e. Royal employees or fellow nobles).

This is despite the fact that Diana was not a member of the Royal Family when she died because she had been stripped of her title as part of her £17m divorce settlement.

Mr. Al-Fayed's lawyers have said that this hand-picked Royal jury would make 'a mockery' of the verdict.

One lawyer commented that it would nullify the whole point of an inquest:

"Mr Al-Fayed wishes the inquest to investigate whether the fatal collision was caused by agents of the state."

Interestingly, the Royal Coroner - Michael Burgess - has recently handled an inquest in to one of the Deepcut Army Barracks deaths (see below).

No further actions were taken.

  An investigation by Nicholas Blake, QC, ordered by the Ministry of Defense, has failed to satisfy the parents of 4 dead recruits.

The young soldiers - Private James Collinson, 17, Private Sean Benton, 20, Private Cheryl James, 18, and Private Geoff Gray, 17 - all died in mysterious circumstances at Deepcut Army Barracks between 1995 and 2002.

In Cheryl James's case, the young Welsh girl was found dead with a bullet through her forehead in November 1995.

The subsequent inquest in to her death recorded an open verdict.

One of her friends said that Cheryl had been forced to have sex with a corporal there.

Sean Benton also died in 1995 - in June of that year he was found dead with 5 gunshot wounds to his chest.

A friend of his said that Sean had been subject to extreme bullying at the camp. In addition, an independent ballistics expert said it was impossible for Sean to have killed himself.

  UK scientists have confirmed that the human form of mad cow disease may continue to exist far in to the future, and that many more people are at risk of developing it than recently believed.

Scientists had hoped that only 40% of people were susceptible; new findings have increased this figure to over 90%.

Even though the infected beef which caused the human brain disease has been removed from the food chain, the disease can still spread via blood transfusions or contaminated surgical instruments.

Variant CJD (Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease) causes holes in the brain, which lend to memory lapses, personality changes and ultimately death.

Its confirmed transmission through blood transfusions means that an epidemic could transpire at any time in the future in the UK.

January 2005

  Princess Diana claimed in tapes recorded by her drama coach that she wanted to run off with her bodyguard lover.

The tapes have finally been aired by USA's NBC after being kept in secrecy for years.

Police bodyguard Barry Mannakee, 37, died in an accident soon after their affair ended in circumstances that remain mysterious.

Also, Diana claims that Prince Charles was deliberately cruel to her when he told her of her lover's death on the way to the Cannes Film Festival in a limousine.

"That was the biggest blow of my life … that was a real killer."

Diana had to do a press conference at Cannes despite being in severe emotional distress.

She had already made several half-hearted suicide attempts in previous years and was suffering from post-natal depression.

As for Mr. Mannakee's death, the Princess categorically states in the tapes that she believes he was removed to hide a royal scandal.

"I think he was bumped off. But I will never know."
  Mrs. Joy Chopp, 55, the mother of the driver involved in the crash that killed Barry Mannakee, says she believes he was murdered.

Mrs. Chopp told the UK press:

"Things just don't add up. For years I had always thought the crash was just a tragic accident.

I now wonder whether it was really an accident after all …

There are so many questions that remain unanswered."

Mrs Chopp's daughter Nicola, 35, is believed to have emigrated to the USA soon after the death.

Nicola Chopp has said officially:

"I have always wondered if some more sinister forces were at play that night, although I could never prove it.

I believe with conviction that I was not the cause of Barry Mannakee's death."

Mr. Mannakee - the pillion passenger on a motorbike - flew head-first in to Nicola Chopp's car's back window and was killed instantly.
  The UK authorities have finally agreed that an enquiry in to the suspicious death of Princess Diana should take place in Britain.

However, there were immediate fears that the enquiry could be merely a cover-up exercise.

It is unclear whether members of the royal family will be giving evidence and whether the hearings will do more than concentrate on the death and events leading up to the accident - much of which is known.

Also, under British law coroners have limited powers to force foreign witnesses - such as the French paparazzi who followed Diana on the night she died - to attend.

Dodi Fayed's father Mohamed Al Fayed has repeatedly claimed that MI6 killed the couple because of disapproval over their relationship. A recent opinion poll shows that 27% of the UK population agree with him.

Mr. Fayed also believes that the couple's deaths were the result of a method that mirrored an earlier MI6 plan drawn up to eliminate former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosovic.

At a preliminary enquiry in Scotland, Mr. Fayed's lawyer, Richard Keen, QC, told the court that the U.S. National Security Agency had confirmed that the Princess was the subject of monitoring by American agents.

Mr. Keen described the police investigation of the Paris crash as 'Clouseau-esque' (Inspector Clouseau; Peter Sellers; Pink Panther etc)

Meanwhile, Prince Charles is considering being interviewed personally by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stephens over allegations made by Diana in a handwritten note (the 'X' note published in the Daily Mirror) that he plotted to have her killed.
  Although the US has not imported British beef since 1997, America's multi-billion-dollar cattle industry is now facing its first confirmed case of mad cow disease.

American beef has now been instantly banned from 20 Asian countries which buy the vast majority of the country's meat exports.

The US beef industry has boomed as millions of Americans followed the protein-rich Atkins diet.

Little US beef is imported to the UK, as, surprisingly, most American beef is banned as all but a few herds are fed hormones which are illegal in the European Union.

Sunny Dene dairy farm in Washington state which contained the diseased animal was put in to quarantine, and efforts made to trace all farms which could have had contact with the infected animal.

US Government authorities launched a damage limitation exercise, putting in to action the crisis plan originally drawn up when BSE first appeared in the UK.

BSE can take up to 8 years to incubate in cattle. In humans the figure is up to 12 years. The first symptoms are memory loss and depression, leading to speculation that some cases were in fact misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's disease.

Health and consumer groups have warned about the consumption of T-bone steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs and pepperoni, the spicy pizza sausage that few realize is made from the last shreds of meat scraped from cattle bones.

Of 35 million American cattle slaughtered every year, less than 30,000 are tested for BSE.

Sheldon Rampton, co-author of Mad Cow USA, has repeatedly warned that although the brain and spine tissue suspected of carrying BSE is theoretically banned from American cattle feed, the monitoring system is ineffective.

A typical American eats 3 hamburgers and 4 orders of French fries per week.

Americans eat more than 348 million steaks a year in restaurants.
  The long-awaited enquiry by Lord Hutton in to the death of David Kelly and the handling of the story he passed to BBC journalist David Gilligan (the so-called 45-minute claim) has proved to be a whitewash.

The blaming of the BBC for much of what surrounded Dr. Kelly's death has increased UK public cynicism about politics.

Attention is now focussing on why MI6 believed Saddam Hussein possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction which could, according to the September 2002 intelligence dossier, "be ready within 45 minutes of an order to use them".

It is believed that UK sources persuaded the CIA that Saddam was building a nuclear bomb. Part of its evidence was that Iraqi agents were buying uranium ore in Niger, West Africa. This proved to be untrue.

Dr. Brian Jones - former head of the Defence Intelligence Staff's nuclear, chemical and biological branch - has condemned the September dossier as 'misleading'.

He says that he does not know of a single expert who had backed Tony Blair's case for going to war.

Meanwhile US Secretary of State Colin Powell had admitted that he might not have backed the war had he known that Saddam's weapons might not exist.

Asked if he would have supported war if he had been told there were no weapons stockpiles he replied:

"I don't know. I don't know. Because it was the stockpile that presented the final little piece that made it more of a real and present danger and threat to the region and to the world.

The absence of a stockpile changes the political calculus.

It changes the answer you get …"

A: The disclosure of a note she wrote in front of her butler, Paul Burrell, 10 months before her death seems to suggest that this sensational idea could be true.

Mr. Burrell has only now revealed the existence of the note - hand-written by Diana on Kensington Palace notepaper - saying that he has been in fear of 'dark forces' at work in the establishment.

In the note the Princess states her belief that an unnamed person - 'X' in the published account, although named by Diana at the time - is planning to have her killed by tampering with the brakes of her car and causing a major head injury. Diana explains that the purpose of her removal would be to allow Charles to marry Camilla Parker Bowles.

Written shortly after her divorce in 1996, it came at a time when Diana would often jump out of her car and run away from her police escorts; she also believed that her phones and accommodation were bugged.

According to a recent poll, 33% of the UK population believes Diana was murdered.

50% believe that there was a cover-up of some kind.

The French authorities conducted a 2 year investigation in to the deaths, and in their conclusion they blamed the driver.

Film producer ('Chariots of Fire', 'Breaking Glass') Dodi Fayed's father has been calling for a UK inquest ever since his son's death. Yet up till now there has been no UK investigation and the proposed coroner's enquiry has no fixed date, only 'sometime in the next 12 months' according to royal sources.

Supporters of the Royal Family have attacked the ex-butler's credibility in holding back this letter for so long. Yet Paul Burrell claims he has been afraid until now.

Many questions remain unanswered:

1. Why weren't the French family of the driver allowed to re-test his body?
2. What happened to the white Fiat Uno that supposedly ran the Princess's car off the road? This Fiat was never traced.

Buckingham Palace via the BBC gave their response to Diana's letter: 'Bizarre: it proves nothing.'

Will the enquiry - if ever held - be in public?

Will the truth of Diana's letter ever be fully investigated?

  Former Defence Secretary Robin Cook claims in a new book that Prime Minster Tony Blair ignored intelligence evidence that showed Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction.

According to Mr. Cook, Tony Blair admitted shortly before the war with Iraq started that the Iraqi dictator could not assemble WMD within 45 minutes.

This claim would invalidate Mr. Blair's declarations that he was consistent in his belief that Saddam could lunch his weapons within such a short period, and that such weapons posed a clear and present danger of imminent destruction to Britons in cities such as London.

UK Government sources described the MP's views as "absurd".
  J.K. Rowling - prolific author of the Harry Potter series - is reported to have hired an ex-SAS officer as a bodyguard following obsessive attention from an adult fan of her children's books.

Ms. Rowling's wealth has led 'rich lists' to place her ahead of the Queen.

Yet the attention she has received has led her to say that there were times she wished she had not created the Potter books at all.
  Dr. Kelly's acknowledged status as a world authority on WMD, particularly in Iraq, makes the slur against him by a leading civil servant particularly unpleasant.

The Hutton enquiry should at last give some answers as to whether the government or the BBC has been misleading the public.

Dr. Kelly paid for giving evidence to another enquiry with his life: Why?

The Economist magazine (August, 03) has disclosed that an MI6 report for the Prime Minister will show that no WMD have been found in Iraq as yet. Mr. Blair has recently stated in a TV interview that it may be "another 4 or 5 years" before significant WMD can be presented.

Many Labour MPs and members of the public supported the war on the basis that the Saddam Hussein regime posed an imminent and potentially disastrous threat to the UK.

Former Labour minister and stage star Glenda Jackson has immediately responded to The Economist's report:

"We were quite clearly told that Saddam had weapons and that some of them could be launched in 45 minutes", she said.

"This simply confirms what many of us believed all along - there were never any weapons …"


The files of 15 deaths at 3 of Britain's biggest army barracks have been secretly reviewed by lawyers as the Ministry of Defence prepares for an independent enquiry.

15 cases over the past 5 years have been classified as suicide, despite strong family disbelief and protests.

According to Amnesty International figures there have been 200 "self-inflicted" deaths at army barracks since 1990.

Independent ballistics expert Frank Swann has cast doubt on 4 of the cases, commenting:

"We were left in a situation in one case where the guy would have needed 15 ft long arms…"

A source commented:

"Two of the barracks involved - Deepack and Catterick were training barracks and if … - and I say "if" - there is a Dr. Shipman-style serial killer at large, he is a trainer …"

  It was at 4.25 am on August 5, 1962, that the nude body of the star was found lying under a white sheet by Sergeant Jack Clemmons, LAPD. Originally found by her housekeeper four hours earlier, it was claimed that the news was only released to the police once cleared by the actress's studio, Twentieth Century Fox.

According to new research (in "Victim: The Secret Tapes of Marilyn Monroe" by Matthew Smith) it was Ms. Monroe's affairs with both JFK and his brother Robert, that meant she had to be removed by the CIA. Mr. Smith claims that the massive doses of Nembutal sleeping tablets that killed her were not taken either orally or by injection according to the post-mortem. They were, in fact, entered in to the bloodstream by an enema carried out by the security services.
  A: Not according to the head of MI5. She has publicly stated:

"We are faced with a realistic possibility of a form of unconventional attack that could include chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CRBN). It is only a matter of time before a crude version of a CRBN is launched. A simulated attack on central London is to be staged before autumn. Police, hospitals, the fire service and local authorities will all take part.

At this moment thousands of troops are on imminent standby in case of a doomsday terror attack."
  Every Briton must be tested for the human form of BSE. That is the view of Professor Stanley Prusiner the Nobel Prize winner for identifying the cause of the disease.

He has attacked the lack of action by the authorities as the issue becomes sidelined, and he claims that infected meat is still being sold;

"A million cattle infected with BSE entered the British food chain so almost everyone in the country will have been exposed to the infectious prion proteins that cause variant CJD.

Every Briton should be tested."

Variant CJD can be dormant in the body for decades; the ultimate cost of the disaster remains unknown.

The British BSE crisis looks as if it will be allowed to fade in memory, and those who have lost loved ones may never know what exactly caused the fatalities, or indeed, who was ultimately responsible.

We live in a dark era where officialdom will always evade responsibility: spin is everything.

Every month seems to bring a new warning in the UK, and we shall consider these as they arise in this Conspiracy Theory section.

A British widow has filed a $50 million lawsuit against the US government, which she believes is involved in a cover-up and conspiracy of silence to prevent the person or persons behind the anthrax bioterror attack which killed her husband being revealed. Bob Stevens, 62, was killed by anthrax sent through the US mail shortly after September 11th: he worked in Florida as a picture editor for US supermarket tabloid The Sun. Bob's widow Maureen at first was led to believe that the anthrax attacks were the work of Al Qaeda; now however, she thinks -as do many of America's top scientists - that the killer came from the US biotechnical world itself and is being kept in obscurity by the US state. Her Miami-based lawyer Richard Schuler commented:

"Our government does not want the world to know that this crime was perpetuated by one of its own."

7/1/2003 6 Algerians have been arrested in Wood Green, North London, after traces of the lethal toxin ricin were found in their flat.

Ricin was used to kill the Bulgarian dissident Georgy Markov by the Soviet authorities 25 years ago; he died on Waterloo Bridge having been stabbed in the leg with a ricin-tipped umbrella.

There is no known antidote to ricin poisoning; it produces what one expert described as "a collapse of the whole body system."

Chemists stated that ricin is 6,000 times more deadly than cyanide.

One gram could kill 36,000 people.
12/8/02 USA 'anthrax suspect' trained in UK.

Dr. Steven Hatfill, 48, a bioweapons expert, has issued a fierce and public denial to US television concerning FBI suspicions that he was involved with the recent spate of anthrax letters in the US.

Dr. Hatfill trained at Porton Down, the Ministry of Defence's germ warfare research centre, just a couple of weeks after the letters reached their targets.

Five people died as a result of letter-spread anthrax infection; the Ames strain anthrax used was American in origin.

Dr. Hatfill had helped the American government with a study on how powdered anthrax could be sent through the post.

The FBI interviewed 5,000 people, and issued 1,700 grand jury subpoenas in their efforts to track down the terrorist.
12/8/02 BBC Journalist accuses the government of 'tampering' with the news.

BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson has alleged that the government illegally hacked in to the BBC's computer system with the aim of influencing potentially critical news items before they would be broadcast.

Such computer hacking was made illegal by the Computer Misuse Act of 1990.

Mr. Simpson claims that journalists were rung up by government sources on several occasions, and that these sources had knowledge of items that could have only come from accessing the BBC's confidential files.

FACT: 21/4/02 A British woman aged 22 living in Florida has contracted the human variant of 'mad cow' disease, the first known case in the USA.

The Florida woman is thought to have acquired the disease by eating beef products in Britain during the late 1980s or early 1990s.
FACT: Most of Britain's 60m population has been exposed to the BSE agent.
FACT: The USA has banned blood donations from anyone who lived in the UK during the last 20 years for more than 3 months.
FACT: In the UK those in the North and Scotland are statistically more likely to be victims than those from other regions.
FACT: It is now believed that many elderly victims of the disease have been misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's cases.
FACT: There was a 30% increase in 2001 in deaths from CJD. This was the first sustained increase in the death rate.
FACT: Professor James Ironside of the National CJD Surveillance Unit has predicted that the current worst-case scenario, with a final vCJD toll of 140,000, will have to be revised upwards.

"The incidence is increasing and the rate of death is increasing".
FACT: Some experts have predicted there will be up to 500,000 victims of the disease.
FACT: The meat industry has held back information concerning their products.

Professor Ironside has commented:

"Our investigations have not been helped by the reluctance of the food industry to give us the information about what kind of meat went in to their products".
FACT: The incubation period for the disease is 15 to 25 years on average.
FACT: Mechanically-recovered meat is behind much of the contamination.

MRM is produced by using a high-pressure hose to strip tiny scraps of remaining meat, tissue and fat from butchered animal carcasses.

The resulting dark slurry is collected up then sieved to remove small pieces of bone.
  It is then used to bulk up burgers, pies, sausages and baby food.

BSE - containing fragments of spinal cord could easily have become part of the mixture.

Though concerns were raised in 1990 that MRM could be increasing the chances of infection with BSE, it was not until 1995 that the removal of scraps from the spiral cords of cattle and sheep was halted.
FACT: Animal feed contaminated with the infectious BSE agent was exported to over 100 countries, whose livestock could now be harbouring the disease.
FACT: Conservative Minister John Selwyn Gummer publicly fed his 4-year-old daughter a burger to show that BSE could not be transferred to humans.
FACT: In December 1995 Prime Minister John Major wrote to the mother of a vCJD victim:

"I should make it clear that humans do not get mad cow disease".

For two decades knowledge about potential risks of infection was not told to the British public, for two reasons: to avoid losses in meat trade profits, and especially to avoid causing "panic".
OPINION: (Kevin Toolis: 'The Guardian') "BSE is probably the most cynical act of biological warfare ever waged against a civilian population by a western government".
5/8/02 Scientists have now revealed that there is 'an appreciable risk' of people catching BSE through blood transfusions. This disclosure represents a major increase in the danger of large numbers of Britons having already been infected (unknowingly) by the disease.

Previously the government had described the risk as 'theoretical'; now in a complete about turn they are considering banning all people who have ever received transfusions from donating blood.

The latest experiments were carried out at the Institute of Animal Health.

One in six animals given blood from infected sheep appear to have caught the disease so far. Scientists now realize that more blood components than previously thought might carry the killer agents of BSE and variant CJD, and the blood might be infected long before animals show outward systems of the disease. Humans would be similarly affected.

In autumn 2000 scientists in Berkshire and Edinburgh disclosed that blood from a sheep fed cattle brain infected with BSE had infected a previously healthy animal. Yet this evidence had been discounted by government sources: until now.

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