: Jane Marsh File

Jane Marsh with Mick Jagger

They are pictured leaving a nightclub in a London black cab before her disappearance.

May 2008


Missing model Jane Marsh's best friend Gwyneth Jones remains in hiding, living in fear of the dark forces she blames for her friend's disappearance and possible death.

"I've had to leave my family and friends far behind. I talk to no one. Any communication from me is bugged... I'm sure of that.

You've got to believe me... Men in suits turned up and talked to my parents. They came in a big black car. They wanted to know where I am. But they weren't the police. And they wouldn't tell my parents who they were. They just smiled and said my parents didn't need to know. After they'd gone my parents rang the police, but they ignored them. They almost laughed. No one came round or took details or anything. We're all scared. My mum and dad know that I was telling them the truth now.

Jane is - was - I don't know what to say - IS - famous, and some people are prepared to do anything to cover up what they did to her.

Look at the thing in Austria. Don't you think that if people who did things like that were sort of important people - or connected - it would all be kept quiet? Not for 10 or 15 years, but for ever. And they'd go to any lengths to keep it quiet. I'm sure they want to keep me quiet - to stop me talking about Jane, and there's only one way to keep someone really quiet, isn't there? ...Tell no one you've heard from me."


Scotland Yard detective Alberto Pirandello is continuing his investigations in Los Angeles in to the supposed "death" of UK supermodel Jane Marsh.

"Jane most certainly is not dead", he asserted in his latest interview. "Now even the American authorities have to accept that. OK, she's disappeared, but that doesn't mean she's dead.That's an idiotic assertion. It's what I call "obesity thinking", even though a lot of my American acquaintances seem to dislike that term. I mean, where's the body? There is no PROOF of her death. Of course, in the car crash the bodies were destroyed beyond recognition. So the FBI tried for a dental records match. But I could have told them immediately that that was pointless: Jane has perfect teeth. Not a single filling! She never needed to visit a dentist! So,there you go, they've nothing to work on.

In my view - the only credible Scotland Yard one - the authorities have to re-open the case on the basis that Jane is alive. But they don't want to do that. It would make them look as if they've made a lot of mistakes, and they don't want to do that, do they? It's like the David Kelly investigation. In that case there were no fingerprints on the knife that he was supposed to have committed suicide with. How ludicrous! I now categorically believe that - in the absence of any proof of her death - that Jane is being held captive. So the body with her ID was placed in the car to mislead people.

So who would do this? Who would stage a car crash with 2 dead bodies in it? Only someone with powewrful connections to people in power in the U.S.... Who would want us to believe that Jane Marsh is dead, and why? - This is the key, I believe, to the terrible trap that Jane finds herself in...


A new website promoting extreme diets and surgery to 9-year-olds has received 1.4 million hits - 1.2 million in its native France and 200,000 in the UK where it has just started up.

The internet game Miss Bimbo is aimed at girls from 9-16 and gives users "bimbo dollars" to buy lingerie, diet pills and night club outfits for their own virtual Paris Hilton lookalike.

Members are given a nearly naked virtual character who can be given breast enlargement surgery and drugs to keep them "waif thin".

Players keep a constant watch on the weight, wardrobe, wealth, and happiness (or perhaps clinical depression) of their character, to create - according to the games designers - "the coolest, richest, and most famous bimbo in the world." Registration on the site is free, but it makes its money by charging £1.50 per text message to buy the "dollars" to spend on your bimbo.

The site suggests buying small amounts (of course) of food for your bimbo to prevent it dying of starvation. (And, of course, this would be your fault - how could you be so heartless?)

Dee Dawson, who runs a clinic for girls who suffer eating disorders, comments:

"This game is lethal. A lot of children will get caught up with the extremely damaging and appalling messages."

If your character becomes depressed and commits suicide, it gets its own tribute website. And this will continue to live on in cyberspace as long as you pay for its upkeep. And so your virtual character may live on long after many "real" human beings have been forgotten...


Russia's most famous female bodyguard has been murdered.

Anna Loginova was killed in Moscow defending her Porshe Cayenne against thieves.

The attack took place in broad daylight in the street. Anna, 29, ran an all-female security firm which protected several billionaires.

She also modelled for high-profile brands such as Chanel and BMW. Observers seeing her at social events were often unclear whether Anna was there to model or to provide security, and this added to her mystique. A martial arts expert, Anna often carried a gun. In her ad on the internet, dressed in black, she wielded a samurai sword.

Yet, for all her training, there was little Anna could do about the events that led to her death.

In what seems to have been a random attack,car thieves broke into her car and drove off in it. With lightning reactions, Anna immediately grabbed on to the car door handle as it pulled away. Yet the thieves accelerated, dragging Anna along the pavement of the busy street. Passers-by did nothing as she fell hitting her head on the concrete pavement. Anna's head cracked, and she died immediately.

The car - taken by joyriders - was later found abandoned.


18 year old Eliana Ramos has been found dead 6 months after her sister Luisel's death.

Both sisters were models based in Uruguay, and only last year they had their first fashion show together.

6 months after Luisel's death on the catwalk, Eliana's corpse was found in her bedroom by her grandmother.

It is believed she had a heart attack, although a full post-mortem report has not yet been released.

Eliana - nicknamed Elle by family and friends - had decided to continue with modelling despite her sister's starvation-induced death.

The blonde blue-eyed teenager was recently signed up by Dotto Models, who had also represented Luisel.

Agency owner Pancho Dotto commented:

"Eliana was never extremely thin.

She was a very healthy teenager. She ate well and played sports. It is absurd to talk of anorexia or bulimia."

When Luisel died, her parents said that she had been on a diet of lettuce and lite cola to lose weight. The family were on holiday when news of Eliana's death reached them.

Uruguayan police sources say that an early analysis of Eliana's post-mortem results suggests:

"The primary diagnosis is death due to symptoms of malnutrition."

Her grandmother says :

"This has happened to me twice. The girl would not wake up. I went in to the room and saw her lying on the bed. I looked and saw that her eyes were open but blank..."


A massive internet and legal campaign by Japanese serial stalker Jojoi Obara has led to his being found innocent of the rape and gruesome murder of UK girl Lucie Blackman.

21-year-old Lucie was found dead - her limbs dismembered in to 10 pieces, her head shaved and incased in concrete - on a Japanese beach 7 years ago.

Now, using the internet, Obara's defense team have put on line sections of Lucie's private diaries, diaries which they believe show Lucie to have been a manic depressive drug addict. Her family strenuously deny these claims.

Yet, without admitting the crime, Obara's representatives paid Lucie's father Tim, 54, £450,000 "condolence money". After this, Tim then signed a document on behalf of the defence.

Police found hundreds of video tapes showing the accused's activities with an endless series of victims - mainly night club hostesses or air stewardesses.

It was the death of Australian hostess Carita Ridgway, 21, and 9 other charges, that led to Obara's being jailed for life. "Life" being estimated as 2-6 years in addition to his time in custody.

Lucie's mother Jane comments:

"I just can't believe this verdict. My worst fears have come true. My darling Lucie, I miss you so much. This aching void in my heart feels like it will never go away..."


Missing - supposed dead - UK supermodel Jane Marsh's best friend has issued a shock statement. One - bizarrely - issued from a secret hiding place as she fears for her safety.

Gwyneth Jones, 24, from Portmeirion, North Wales, has revealed that she is now living away from her home town.

A close friend of Jane's from fashion college days, Gwyneth has bravely decided to speak out despite her fears.

"I love Jane. She's the best mate any girl could want. And I believe she's alive. But she's got herself in to terrible trouble. And now it's been reaching out to me too. Even here.

Someone thinks I know too much about jane's disappearance.

I've been followed. I think my phone's been bugged. I've heard strange clickings on the line.

I've heard voices, too. Whispers.

But they won't find me.

They want to stop me telling what I know about Jane's disappearing, but I'm going to tell you.... This is what I know: the detective in America, the one from England, Alberto, he asked me a lot of questions about Jane over the phone. He sent me e-mails, too, from Los Angeles, where Jan's supposed to have "died".

But, of course, she isn't dead, is she?

No way Jane is dead. That's what I told Alberto, no way. I would know if Jane was dead. I would feel it... And she isn't.

It's a conspiracy."


The international cult of "size zero" models has claimed one of its first victims.

Top Uruguayan model Luisel Ramos, 22, collapsed and died just days in to Uruguay Fashion Week.

Her distraught father, Luis, has attacked the culture of super-thin models, saying that Luisel's desire for perfection and a skeletal body shape, had led to her sudden death.

Luisel dramatically collapsed in the middle of a final costume change.

An on-hand emergency team of paramedics made frantic efforts to resusitate her.

Yet Luisel's brain death was immediate as a result of her heart failure.

The model had been starving herself down in recent days, and some suggest that this came as a result of pressure from her modelling agency.

Luisel was 5ft 9in. and under 9st, and had a body mass index of less than 18 - a level officially described as unhealthy. Yet at Uruguayan Fashion Week itself, her weight had dropped to around 7st, a massive 2 stones loss in a short time.

Speculation has also been rife that Luisel embraced the model crash diet: starving herself, avoiding drinking fluids and taking laxatives.

Asked whether Luisel's tragic case has any resonance in the UK, leading fashion writer Joan Mink observed :

"Uruguay is so off the radar in fashion terms as to be laughable. It's nowhere near the Premier League. Poor Louise's death means nothing for UK fashion. To succeed, you have to be as thin as it takes.

And if it all goes wrong you'll leave a lovely-looking corpse."


Madrid fashion week is banning underweight models on the basis of their body mass index, {BMI}

UN health experts recommend a BMI of between 18.5 and 25, and some models fall well below the minimum.

The Spanish Association of Fashion Designers has decided to ban models who have a BMI of less than 18.

Unhealthily skinny models at last year's fashion shows led to protests from doctors and women's rights groups.

Spanish fashion activist Tonia Miranda commented: "The girls last year were painfully thin. They looked like vampyres. It had to be stopped."


Psychology experts have concluded that UK children as young as 5 years old are feeling depressed about their weight.

Media pressure is now such that children feel they must measure up to adult standards.

Andrew Hill, Professor of Medical Psychology at Leeds University, stated:

"Children are sensitive at an increasingly early age to their phsical appearance.

The impact of being over-weight on girls' self-confidence has been detected on children as young as five."

Australian expert Dr. Kylie Ball linked weight and depression in adults too.

"My study showed that women who were overweight or obese were at risk of depressive symptoms three years on."

Only the US is fatter than the UK in the developed world.


Top US psychologist Orville Gilbert Brim has written a new book linking reality TV programmes to the desire for immortality.

According to Mr. Brim's new book - "The Fame Motive" - people want to be on Love Island or Big Brother because they no longer believe in life after death.

Celebrity promises the "immortality" Western society no longer feels confident exists.

"It's like belief in the afterlife in medieval communities", he observed.

"'Real life' - which is usually boring and must end - simply isn't enough."

September 2006


Kidnapped Austrian girl Natascha Kampusch has described her feelings towards her captor.

Held in a windowless room for 8 years, early pictures of Natascha were computer images based on childhood photos.

They provided haunting virtual images of the unknown girl.

The real Natascha said: "I wished I'd had an axe. I endlessly dreamed of decapitating him."

Yet she went on skiing holidays with her captor, and partly blamed herself for his commiting suicide - which he did once he realized she was no longer his prisoner.

9/11 2006


75 leading U.S academics have issued a public statement saying that they believe the 9/11 attacks of 5 years ago - which killed nearly 3,000 people - were not what they appear.

The academics believe the terrorist attacks were orchestrated by warmongers inside the White House.

They bellieve that the right-wingers used the attacks as an excuse to carry out the invasion and occupation of oil-rich countries.

The academics - calling themselves 9/11 Scholars for Truth - believe that they have conclusive evidence for one of the biggest conspiracies ever.

Leading member Physics Professor Steven Jones, from Utah USA said:

"We don't believe that 19 hijackers and a few others in a cave in Afghanistan pulled this off acting alone.

We challenge this official theory and, by God, we're going to get to the bottom of this."

August 2006

24 UK citizens have been arrested over an alleged plot to blow up 9 airliners above American cities.

Early reports described a plan to destroy 3 planes an hour for 3 hours.

Fatalities would have exceeded 9/11.

UK Police described it as "an attempt to commit mass murder on an unimaginable scale".

May 2006


A private detective who worked for American stars Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Michael Jackson, as well as many Hollywood film executives, is facing trial for alleged illegal wiretapping and obtaining of confidential records about his targets.

Anthony Pellicano, 61, is also said by prosecutors to have invented his own bugging software, called Telesleuth.

Hollywood now faces one of the most lurid trials in its history, as Pellicano is set to reveal the secrets of celebrity clients, studio bosses, corrupt police, and bribed phone company insiders.

Pellicano is accused of bugging anyone who was a subject of his investigations, including Sylvester Stallone.

In order to protect his clients from possible lawsuits, or to help them win cases already in court, the detective would use a corrupt system of bugging and pay-offs to police officers so he could discredit his targets.

Presently serving a 30-month sentence on firearms and explosives charges, Pellicano has pleaded not guilty to what may just be the tip of an iceberg of corruption in Hollywood.

Stephen Tidwell, assistant director in charge of the FBI's Los Angeles office declared:

"We are not going to stop until we have discovered all of the illegal activities Pellicano participated in."

Pellicano and other defendants are accused of 100 instances of accessing the FBI's National Crime database for their own use.


Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Alberto Pirandello is continuing his investigations in Los Angeles in to the supposed death of UK supermodel Jane Marsh.

Interviewed in Hollywood this week he commented:

"It really is a different world here in Hollywood.

I'm fascinated by this Pellicano case. Politicians paid for honours; bugging of officials by the police; innocent people shot under mysterious circumstances; evidence fabricated - I can't believe it.

It's certainly a million miles away from Scotland Yard and dear old Tony Blair."

There have been reports in the media that the UK and US authorities have dropped the case (believing Jane to have been killed in the car crash on Sunset Boulevard) and that Pirandello is continuing his investigations independently, but the Inspector still claims full backing for his activities.

"Jane's case is personal for me", he said. "I can't deny that. When I think of Jane's mother - she's such a lovely lady, have you met her? - I always remember that I gave her my word. And that means something.

With crimes today - even something like the Jill Dando murder which was very big at the time - the circus soon moves on very quickly. Once the authorities have found someone who has done the crime, that's it. Even someone who seems to have done it. That's just as good (he laughs and claps his hands) case closed! Then we move on. That's the nature of news, it moves on, and so do we, like a crowd at a car crash.

But for me this case … Jane … her disappearance … her supposed murder … the accident if you could call it that … it means far too much just to accept single answers.

It's almost as if Jane was my friend. Is my friend actually, even though I never met her. I feel like I did. Like I will do.

Jane is just a friend I haven't met yet. And you don't forget your friends, do you?"

Pushed for details of any further developments, the usually chatty Pirandello is suddenly serious. Crouching forwards in his chair he said slowly:

"I sincerely believe that Jane Marsh is alive and being held somewhere against her will. She is a captive.

I can't tell you any more as this could put people's lives in danger. Even my own.

But I can tell you one thing: I believe this death … or should we say this conspiracy, is all to do with cloning."

April 2006


A survey by cosmetics brand Dove has found that girls in Britain have the lowest self-esteem in the world.

Dove carried out the global survey among 3,300 girls and women aged 15 to 64, including more than 1,000 in Britain.

Their findings included:

  • Worldwide 7 in 10 teenage girls had avoided some school activities due to poor body image.
  • 75% of girls disliked some part of their body by the age of 12.
  • By the age of 16, 90% are so unhappy that they want to change their body shape.
  • 25% of 16 year olds already want plastic surgery.
  • 30% of 8 to 12 year olds wanted to be slimmer.

Dove brand manager Ceri Oest commented:

"Our research has uncovered some really disturbing findings among young girls.

It is particularly alarming to see how inadequate girls feel in comparison to the images of perfection they are bombarded with each day."


Wayne Rooney's 19-year-old fiancιe Coleen McLoughlin has revealed to fans in her weekly magazine column that she has discovered a new weight-loss miracle.

Called endermologie, this new technique of fat reduction involves the celebrity being ironed out with suction pads mounted on rollers. Coleen dresses in a body stocking and then has areas affected by cellulite worked up and down with a hand-held roller containing a powerful vibrating vacuum pump.

This technique has helped the teenager lose a stone in the past year.

October 2005


UK supermodel Kate Moss is in a Phoenix, Arizona, detox clinic after a wave of revelations about her drug, alcohol, and sexual habits.

Kate is spending a month at the £2,250-a-night Meadows clinic.

It is believed that counsellors there will be offering her treatment for both cocaine and sex addiction.

Shocking tabloid exposιs of heavy cocaine use with her boyfriend Pete Doherty led to her being dropped by many of her fashion contracts, including Chanel and H & M.

Kate is also reported to have had lesbian affairs with her friends Sadie Frost and Davinia Taylor, as well as three-in-a-bed sex sessions.

Davinia, too, is in rehab after being found in bed with Miss Frost's boyfriend, dog walker Barry Smith. Curiously, Davina's father made a £180 million fortune selling toilet paper, toilet paper that - in a bizarre coincidence for Kate - was mainly bulk recycled copies of 'The Daily Mirror', the very tabloid that broke the cocaine revelations against her.

Her husband - football agent David Gardner - issued a public statement saying:

"Contrary to recent newspaper reports Davinia and her husband have not separated and he is offering her his unconditional support".

As for Kate, the Meadows clinic believes that sex addiction is at the root of many drug problems.

The clinic believes that narcissism and attention-seeking are danger signs and for this reason ban both mirrors and mobile phones on the compound grounds. Their celebrity clients include supermodel Elle, Tara Palmer Tomkinson, Paul Gascoigne and Michael Barrymore.

As so many patients are sex addicts at the clinic, patients are not allowed to wear revealing clothes. The uniform for women is big bras, big knickers, tracksuit bottoms and baggy tops. The 'chav-look' reigns supreme.

Top PR consultant Max Moroder comments:

"Kate has a last chance to regain her special place in the heart of the great British public.

And the Meadows clinic knows that there's a real danger that all these desperate celebrities will get together like sex-crazed zombies.

The doctors are very clever about it: they dress all the models and actresses in big knickers like Bridget Jones and make them feel like frumps, while they make sure that all the counsellors - even the cleaners and domestic staff - are as obese and physically unalluring as possible.

'Don't shag the staff', is rule number one.

Some American clinics have tried orgies as aversion therapy for sex addiction, but this never works; like giving up smoking, abstinence is the only cure".

PR chief Max Borkowski added:

"Kate has done more to promote the idea of rock chic than anyone else, but there's a difference between flirting with that image and being too closely associated with the sleazy side.

You can play with it as long as you aren't nailed: she has been crucified".

July 2005


Relatives and friends of missing Londoners put up photos of their loved ones as a series of bomb attacks on tube trains and a bus killed at least 50 people and injured 700.

Londoners were urged to remain calm and continue to act normally.

Meanwhile, 10,000 US Air Force workers based at 2 RAF stations in Suffolk were given immediate orders not to go in to London.

Family members from the US were told not to go within the M25 motorway.

US Airforce spokesperson Cindy Dorfner confirmed: "Military members are not allowed to go to London until further notice.

Family members who are US civilians are also being highly encouraged to stay away from London.

We want to stand in support of our British hosts and kind of sit out of the way to let them do the work they need to do to get things running back to normal."


Over half of British women aged 25 to 45 intend to have cosmetic surgery according to a new survey.

The results in women's magazine Grazia revealed that 54% of readers said they intend to have cosmetic surgery and 11% have already done so.

Of those thinking about surgery 64% believe it would give them more confidence, 42% want it to look younger, and 13% hope to look more attractive to men.


Surgeons have reported that students are now becoming obsessed with their appearance, and are approaching them for surgery in ever-increasing numbers.

Some school-leavers are even asking for surgery before they start their studies as they feel that otherwise they will lack the confidence to meet new friends and succeed in their studies.

Breast enlargement (costing £3,000), cheek plumping, lip enhancement and nose reshaping are proving especially popular for female students.

Professor Kefah Mokbel, a breast surgeon at the Princess Grace private hospital in London, explained the new trend:

"We have observed a lot of female students coming for consultations, particularly from the first year at university.

Some of these women see university as the starting point of their career.

Looks are now much more important in society and they see this as helping them achieve more in their education and careers.

These young women see a good body image being linked to success."

A teenage student who has just had her nose reshaped added:

"I think looks do determine the group of friends people end up with. I didn't want other students to say, 'She is not very pretty, I don't want to be her friend'."


The Princess Diana inquest will not now report until the end of 2005.

Despite this, evidence continues to leak to the public.

Now the news that Princess Diana was embalmed from head to toe on the orders of the British Embassy in Paris hours after her death has caused further controversy.

What is known is that the embalming process would have destroyed any evidence that the princess was pregnant as some have suggested.

The allegation was made by a senior legal source in France. He has insisted that it was not the French authorities who ordered the immediate embalming, as the process - in which formaldehyde is injected in to the arteries - is illegal under French law.

Any results from a post-mortem examination in Britain would have been corrupted by the embalming.

January 2005


A court is continuing to block the publication in the UK of the photos taken by British paparazzi Jack Ludlam (pictured) of the horrific car crash that killed UK supermodel Jane Marsh.

Jane's mother, Mrs Tina Marsh, has taken out the injunction.

She commented today:

"I hope to God it isn't Jane in these disgusting photos. I haven't seen them, and I don't want to see them … But if it is my daughter no one else should be allowed to pay to see them either. It's sick. It's like watching beheadings on mobile phones."

The photographer who captured the images responded:

"They've already been published in the USA and British audiences have the right to see what has happened to Jane for themselves.

I firmly believe that it is her body in the car and in my photos. They've certainly been sold for publication as such.

Obviously they'd be worth a lot less if it wasn't her, but I'm pretty confident.

The bone structure is certainly hers."

December 2004


Glamour model Jordan's book has been voted the nation's favourite autobiography.

"Being Jordan" which is filled with juicy details of her affairs with Pop Idol star Gareth Gates, footballer Dwight Yorke and singer Dane Bowers, topped the poll beating Nelson Mandela in to a distant second place.

Mr Mandela's book - "Long Walk to Freedom" - took 16 years to complete, having been started when he was first imprisoned.

David Beckham ("My Side") came fourth.

A leading publisher commented: "If only we could cross Jordan with Becks in some way we'd have the monster autobiography."


Speculation based on an investigation in to Jane Marsh's medical records by U.S. investigators has led to the news that one of Britain's favourite models was on a cocktail of prescription and recreational drugs.

Jane's 'child-like' sunny temperament has often been praised and now the news that it may have been drug-induced ties in with a study showing that the use of anti-depressants in British children has soared dramatically in the past 10 years.

Between 2000 and 2002 the UK showed the greatest increase in the use of anti-depressants in children up to the age of 18 in a study of 9 countries (including the USA, Germany and France).

In the UK there was a 70% increase in anti-depressant use for children in those 2 years.


Scotland Yard detective Inspector Alberto Pirandello has made a surprising attack on what he has described as a "lack of full co-operation" by the Los Angeles police authorities in his investigation in to the horrific car crash that killed British supermodel Jane Marsh.

"Personally I don't believe that Jane is dead", the Briton told a shocked news conference. "Of course, the body that was found in the car - mangled though it was - is dead, but even though she was carrying Jane's ID that doesn't mean that it was Jane."

Pirandello has taken an antagonistic approach to his American colleagues that has surprised observers so early in the investigation.

"Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a mild-mannered sort of chap" said the Peter Sellers-like investigator. "But I came here to find the truth. And I'm just not getting it. I haven't been allowed full access to the accident reports, the autopsy or even the photographs of Jane - of the unknown corpse that is, as I don't believe it is her. And I am truly revolted that some of these photographs appear to have been sold."

The American authorities have completely dismissed Pirandello's claims of "a conspiracy", yet he continued:

"I have no doubt that there is a conspiracy of some sort involved in these deaths. That is why I have gone public with this. It is just a question of how big the conspiracy extends. Could it involve the American authorities as such or is it just individuals? I will leave it to you journalists to speculate. It is my job to come up with hard facts. Proof. Crime. Convictions …"

Off the record, Inspector Pirandello stated that Jane's about turn on the wearing of fur had been depressing her and that could be involved with her move to Hollywood. "We are looking at a depressed young woman far from home. A lost girl, you could say. One who had been made to do things she didn't agree with. That is my belief."

Pushed for further details on his conspiracy theory, Pirandello refused to elaborate. "Let's just say it involves cloning. I'm not saying any more than that." He then made a personal statement:

"I have made a personal plea to Jane's mother, Mrs Tina Marsh, to either find her daughter alive here in America or to bring her body - the correct body - back to the UK, and that is what I am going to do. I am going to find out the truth."

Although a native Londoner, Inspector Pirandello's parents were both Italian, and he has suggested a connection between Jane's disappearance and that of Italian model/"performer" Moana Pozzi (story below).


The tenth anniversary of the reported death of Italian actress and Marilyn Monroe-lookalike Moana Pozzi, 33, has led to renewed calls from Italian journalists for a court enquiry in to the mysterious elements of her disappearance and demise.

The aptly-named Moana combined appearances in hard core sex films ('Naked Goddess', 'Manbait' etc) with a phenomenally successful career as a TV and media pundit and politician.

"She incarnated the 1980s like nobody else in Italy", says Marco Giusti, the author of a new biography of the sex queen. "That is why we Italians are obsessed with her. She was an artist in her way, like Raphael. But Moana was an artist of body and mind."

Moana moved in to sex films after starting with a small part (whose is unknown) in Federico Fellini's 'Ginger and Fred'. An uninhibited performer, she found she could make far more money in pornography and soon built up a business empire of sex hotlines, adult toys and pornographic video distribution. All the while her greatest ambition was to use the cash from her one-woman sex industry to bankroll her career as a politician. An attempt to become mayor of Rome in 1993 failed but was described by Moana as 'good experience'. An affair with former Italian prime mister Bettino Craxi (who died in exile in 2000 after fleeing corruption charges) boosted her political credibility with the voters. Several other sexual liaisons with high-profile footballers, actors, and Italian 'intellectuals' (who had promised to help Moana with an autobiographical novel she was supposed to be writing) helped keep her constantly in the news.

Despite - or perhaps because of - having one of the best known bodies in Italy, Moana's celebrity led her to reach success on the chat show circuit on TV. More than that, she became a respected figure for her views on current affairs (political as well as, of course, sexual). Two of the main thrusts of her intellectual debate were about the need for total sexual freedom (to be expected from Moana) and against the ever-present corruption of the Mafia in Italy.

This last high-profile stance was perhaps ill-advised, and some Italian commentators are now making connections with the recent murder of Dutch film-maker Theo Van Gogh, in the sense that Moana's could be an example of a high-profile celebrity being removed by violent opposition. Some pundits also refer to the still mysterious death of Moana's role model Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn never, of course, appeared in a sex film but Moana always argued that, if the American had been born later, she would. "A good performer should do anything to please her audience" was Moana's slogan, and it was one that brought her outstanding financial, political, and sexual, celluloid success.

Undeniably, her disappearance and 'death' (but is she dead?) shocked Italy. The rumours about Mafia involvement are balanced by some investigative journalists belief that Moana never died at all. Now, Rome journalist Brunetto Fantauzzi is asking a court in Rome to investigate. He says:

"More and more voices are being raised about the porn star's decision to burn the bridges with her past."

Strangely, Moana's corpse - despite her supposed death from liver cancer at only 33 - was never seen. The announcement of her death (in France to escape paparazzi) was made 2 days after her cremation. The news made front page headlines in every Italian paper, and the Archbishop of Naples, Cardinal Michele Giordano, soon gave a sermon in which he praised her devotion to Christ. Mauro Biuzzi, president of the Moana Association, eulogized that the divine Moana "put sexuality on to the level of God".

Today, many people continue to believe she faked her own death and initial questions remain unanswered. Could she still be alive? Is she in a convent?

And now - to mark the 10th anniversary of her 'disappearance' - her mother has set up a new website in her honour. Moana's mystery continues to deepen.


Over a year after a minor beauty operation went tragically wrong for top Russian model Ekaterina Sumina, a Russian court has banned her plastic surgeon and anaesthetist from practising for 2 years.

Blonde Ektarenina, 23, has been dubbed 'The Sleeping Beauty' by the Russian press.

Despite a host of offers to tread the catwalks in New York, Paris and Milan, and a string of modelling contest wins in her homeland, such was Ekaterina's obsession with her appearance that she underwent a number of plastic surgery operations in the belief that she could always improve herself.

Believing that she should make her already slim waist slimmer, the Russian signed up for a liposuction operation at the Laser Centre, a cosmetic surgery centre in her native Sumara, in southern Russia.

The liposuction was supposed to take 40 minutes and she promised her husband, Sergey, that she would be finished at the clinic in 3 hours and home to cook dinner that night. That was July 2003: she has still not kept her promise.

Something went wrong with the operation. No one knows exactly what. But after she was given a powerful cocktail of anaesthetics, including novocaine, her heart stopped beating while she was still naked on the operating table.

The medical team panicked and for at least 5 minutes Ekaterina lay clinically dead.

Frightened staff then hooked her up to a respiratory ventilator. A later enquiry has established that when they unplugged her they did it too soon. They had given her only 15 minutes. Then - incredibly - despite the state of her brain they went on and performed the liposuction on her stomach.

12 hours later Ekaterina's thinner, but comatose, body was delivered to a local hospital.

The plastic surgeons then told her parents and her husband that they had no need to worry. The model might suffer some short-term memory loss but she would soon regain consciousness. And she would, of course, be thinner, so the operation had been a success.

Yet hospital staff told her stunned family a horrifyingly different diagnosis from the plastic surgeons': Ekaterina had suffered massive brain damage during the botched liposuction. The model's vegetative brain state was now irreversible.

Tragically, it seems as if the hospital's verdict is proving to be correct.

She remains in a coma, constantly supervised by a team of medics in her Moscow flat.

Her eyes wide open but dead and unfocussed, she gazes forward, surviving on the small amount of orange juice she is given each day but little else.

Russia's best medical experts believe Ekaterina will never wake up. And so Russian daily paper Kommersant has called her 'the Sleeping Beauty'.

Her photographic portfolio and 'vital statistics' remain posted on the net.



A British paparazzi on holiday in Los Angeles has published photographs he took of the horrific car crash that killed British Supermodel Jane Marsh.

London-based photographer Jack Ludlam (see link to website www.londonpaparazzi.com) has sold the photos to an American tabloid, the National Enquirer.

Mr. Ludlam, the subject of 2 BBC documentaries (on BBC2 and BBC Choice) in recent years about his paparazzi lifestyle in London, issued the following statement:

"I had been enjoying a night out at the Viper Lounge and was looking for a taxi with a friend when there was this almighty crash.

We hurried around the corner and saw this red car twisted around a lamppost.

It was just a smouldering mass of metal. There were no cries or sounds from the 2 passengers.

My female companion cried out that we should try to help the victims.

They looked dead to me - although the glass in the windscreen was all broken and smashed and it was difficult to see anything clearly - but I tried to open the passenger door anyway, but it was buckled tight.

I was in a panic to be honest because there was a strong smell of petrol and I thought I could hear more and more gushing out and that the whole thing would go up like a fireball and incinerate me.

And all the time I was thinking - 'My God where are the police? Where are the ambulance services? Why is it only us here - can't someone help these people? ' I was pulling on the door as hard as I could but then I shouted out 'I can't do it! I can't do it'.

And it was then that my friend started screaming 'Oh my God! Oh my God! Jack look at her face! Her face! Christ! It's Jane Marsh, the model - Oh God! Oh God! Jane! Jane! I love you!'

And so I peered through the passenger window and it was all smashed up and there was all this blood on her cheeks and mouth but her eyes were open and just sort of staring out and I thought 'Fuck. It could be! It could be …'

But I wasn't sure. That made me really mad. Was it her or not?

And then I thought all this is going to blow up and I can't get her out. Dead or alive I can't get her out. She had this glassy-eyed stare, and there seemed to be more and more blood pouring out of her mouth but if she was alive or dead I just don't know. All I know is that she couldn't see me. I was there banging on the door and screaming and my girlfriend was screaming 'Jane! Oh God! Jane!' - although of course she didn't know her, only her photo from the newspapers - and we didn't register with Jane at all.

So it was all going to go up in flames and I couldn't save her. Then I thought, there's only one thing I can do. Only one - what I do for a living. Take photos. That way I could prove what I've seen before it's all destroyed, and remember there was no sign of any police or emergency services and the minutes seemed like hours, it was horrific, a nightmare.

I always carry a camera with me in my jacket pocket, and so I took a series of shots around the car, crouching on my knees by the side of it, then framing the front window of the car with Jane on one side and the man - the driver - on the other. He had dark hair but apart from that I can't say anything about him, he was so disfigured, it was gruesome, but the magazines have cropped him out of the published photos anyway. I certainly don't know who he was.

As for Jane - I really felt that I was helping her by taking these photos. I was being a witness. It's like being a war photographer. I am giving her tragedy a meaning. I was there. I saw it."

Jack Ludlam's photos of Jane Marsh's car crash in Los Angeles have been published in the USA, but not the UK, for copyright reasons.

It is also understood that Mrs. Tina Marsh - Jane's mother - has complained to the Press Complaints Authority to prevent any publication in the UK.

Jack Ludlam's photograph of Mick Jagger accompanies this article (© Jack Ludlam 2004).

Copies of Mr. Ludlam's final Jane photos - on this UK site - will follow.



Unconfirmed reports have come in from Los Angeles that UK supermodel Jane Marsh - whose disappearance has led to a wave of conspiracy theories - has been killed in a horrific car crash.

The car, a red Alfa Romeo, driven by an unknown white male, smashed in to a telegraph pole killing both passengers immediately.

Details remain unclear. LAPD Captain William De Wilder issued the following statement:

"A blonde female Caucasian died last night in an auto crash. She was carrying documents that show her to have been Jane Marsh, of London, England.

Her face was unrecognisable due to the impact speed, but we are sending to England for dental records for ID purposes.

An immediate post-mortem was performed, and I can confirm that Jane Marsh was not pregnant: our pathologist split her uterus."

A shocked and distressed Inspector Alberto Pirandello, sent out by Scotland Yard to try and find the UK's favourite supermodel, could not disguise his reaction at the Los Angeles mortuary:

"I am in shock. Can Jane really be dead? It's unbelievable. She means so much to so many people … I never met her and yet I feel I have lost a friend.

I came to the USA to find her and my journey seems to have ended with her tragic death.

How can this have happened? And why? I have a feeling that somehow … and please don't quote me on this … dark forces are at work. After 20 years as a Scotland Yard detective I know when something doesn't feel right - I have an instinct you could call it - and this doesn't add up …

A car smash in to a telegraph pole … in Los Angeles … it seems so haphazard, so meaningless an end, for a girl like Jane, who was an idol to millions really … an idol … I can't believe it. Can she have faked her own death?"



Mary-Kate Olson, 18, the brunette half of the fantastically successful near-identical Olsen Twins, has been admitted to an anorexia clinic.

The American sisters started their US showbiz career as 9 month old toddlers. They shared a role on the American TV comedy Full House until they were 9.

Their business empire incorporates films, videos, video games, fashion, books and look-alike dolls.

Their personal wealth is estimated to be $300m ($150m each).

It has long been rumoured that Mary-Kate, as the brunette against her sister Ashley's blonde, and being one inch shorter although two minutes younger than Ashley, has been feeling the pressure of success.

Mary-Kate failed to attend the twins' 18th birthday party on June 13th, leaving Ashley to front the celebration on her own. When the sisters went to a New York restaurant in the last few weeks, Mary-Kate ate only one tomato off her plate of salad.

A diner who watched the star eat her solitary vegetable told the New York Post: 'The darker, shorter twin sliced her small tomato in to 6 pieces and then proceeded to eat each piece very slowly. She seemed to suck rather than swallow.'

Until Mary-Kate's entry in to the clinic, both twins persisted in their denials of continual rumours about their health.

Taller blonde sibling Ashley told People magazine: 'We don't have problems.'



A new survey by teenage magazine Bliss of 2,000 14 year old girls across the UK has revealed that 9 out of 10 teenagers are unhappy with their bodies and believe thinner children have more friends.

Results included:

· Britney Spears has the best female body.
· The perfect woman is a combination of former S-Club 7 star Rachel Stevens (face), Christina Aguilera (breasts and stomach), Beyoncé (legs). J-Lo (bottom), Britney (arms), and Jane Marsh (eyes and neck).
· 25% of 14 year-olds say they have "considered taking plastic surgery."
· 66% of under 13s have been on a diet.
· 67% feel they need to lose at least half a stone, although only 19% are actually overweight.
· 75% of teenage girls think thin girls are "more popular".
· 66% say they are "depressed" that they cannot attain the looks of their celebrity idol.
· 96% of girls in London and the South-East are unhappy with their bodies.
· 62% of the Londoners believe if they were thinner they would be happier.
· Britney is named by the girls as the top female to want to be.
· 90% of girls who say they are unhappy with their bodies say their mothers are also unhappy with their weight.

Bliss editor Helen Johnston believes that body image depression among British girl teenagers has now reached epidemic proportions. She commented:

"Female body image obsession has grown year on year since the 60s and it's now reached epidemic proportions, filtering down to young girls.

Teenage girls look to their mothers for guidance, only to see them continually worrying about their own body and shape.

Now many girls of 13 and 14 are dieting constantly. It's tragic that even girls of a normal weight want to be skinny.

They are driving themselves mad trying to achieve unrealistic bodies that even supermodels won't lay claim to"



Aussie pop icon Kylie, 35 is living in fear after suffering a year-long campaign of written death threats.

An unknown fan has sent over 700 letters describing in grim detail what he would like to do to the star, dead or alive.

The letters - posted in the West of England and sent to London addresses - have become so macabre that Kylie has had to bring in the police.

The messages have been received at the offices of the singer's record company EMI in Hammersmith and at Chelsea addresses in the area where she lives.

They have been sent at the rate of 2 a day.

Kylie is said to have been very disturbed by the murder of TV star Jill Dando, 37.

Kylie has also suffered from her ex-boyfriend, model James Gooding, recently selling her sex secrets to a British national newspaper.

Another stalker - believed to be harmless - pursued the chanteuse for 5 years. He is believed to have build up a collection of tens of thousands of autographs, causing Ms. Minogue to suffer from repetitive strain injury.



Supermodel and occasional actress Elle Macpherson - known as The Body - has provoked questions about her health and whereabouts since there has been no sign of her during one of the fashion world's busiest weeks.

Elle worried fashion insiders by failing to make an arranged appearance at London Fashion Week.

Now she has pulled out of her native Australia's most important racing event - the Melbourne Cup - where she was due to be a star guest.

Ominously, rumours are abounding on the Internet that she has had to go in to a rehabilitation clinic. Her family have refused to confirm or deny claims that she has been visiting the exclusive Meadows Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

Yet Elle's sister Mimi (not an alias) did not deny that the supermodel is undergoing treatment. When Australian magazine New Idea pressed Mimi to either confirm or deny the rumours, Mimi replied: "I'm not going there". This does not read as a denial.

Elle is said to be still suffering from the psychological effects of a burglary at her former home in Notting Hill, England, recently, in which £500,000 of jewellery was stolen from a sock drawer.

Ms. Macpherson has homes in London, Sydney, Ibiza, the Bahamas, Los Angeles, and Switzerland.

Her Australian spokesperson Paul Mostyn has issued the following statement to the media: "I haven't heard anything to suggest there are any problems with Elle anywhere".

Inspector Alberto Pirandello - recently put in charge of solving the mystery of UK supermodel Jane Marsh's disappearance - has also refused to confirm or deny a link with Elle's non-appearance at London Fashion Week.

Speaking by phone from Hollywood where he is pursuing what he describes as "a promising celluloid lead" in the case, the Inspector commented:

"Like everyone else I am aware of the conspiracy theories that have been linking Jane Marsh with a wider network of models who appear to be vanishing worldwide. I am in regular communication with Interpol and, of course, the FBI and CIA. This non-appearance of Elle in London is a new development and it's too early for me to link her with Jane Marsh at this stage.

What I would say is that - as she has so many houses - it may be difficult for the authorities to locate her if she doesn't turn up. She could always contact me here in Hollywood via my mobile or e-mail (al@disappearingsupermodel.com). Perhaps a dinner date isn't out of the question? I'm quite willing to eat for 2 if she doesn't want to consume any solid food".



Jane's PR agent Max Moroder has issued a statement in the light of the growing confusion between the fame of UK glamour model Jodie Marsh and international artiste Jane. 'Jodie was unknown when Jane was already famous as a model worldwide. Also Jodie has yet to disappear as far as I know.'


Inspector Pirandello flies to the USA to investigate model disappearance link with CIA investigation. US officials at the Department of Justice have launched a probe in to claims that leading model agencies fixed the fees of supermodels to cheat clients.

There is also a suggestion that some "clone" supermodels were created by their agencies by plastic surgery to maximize their profits.

"I always knew this case would lead me to Hollywood" exclaimed Pirandello at Heathrow Airport.


Police happy with public response. "We are gradually processing the suspects … sorry - members of the public - who e-mailed us (al@disappearingsupermodel.com) and we are searching out teams of photographers to each address. In my experience the person with the most photos of the victim is always the killer: also the one with the untidiest flat", explained Pirandello.6/6/03
Inspector Pirandello gives details on Jane's self-creation. "Her original name was Tracey Froggatt - that's the name you would have known her by at school. But she also looked very different. Her original hair colour was a mousy brown not blonde, and she had had plastic surgery. She'd had a complete metamorphosis - or you could call it a complete lifestyle makeover."


Jane had changed her name shock. Police have revealed that their original Web enquiries in to Jane's background had drawn a blank because the model had, in a sense, invented herself.


School Friends Reunited website provides no proof of Jane's existence. Pirandello pleads for information from the web-using public: "Anyone who knew Jane, or even thinks they knew her, should please contact me. Often a friend of the victim turns out to be the killer. Although that's not to say that we will be suspicious of anyone who contacts us. It just means that we can eliminate you from our enquiries. Please help now."


Inspector Pirandello explains his new approach to the case: "In a way you could compare Jane's situation to the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. Before I can solve her disappearance, I first have to be sure that she exists to begin with."


Chief Inspector Alberto Pirandello has been appointed by the authorities to solve the mystery of Jane's disappearance. Inspector Pirandello commented: "My main focus of enquiry will be Jane's past."


Kate Winslet digitally altered shock.

Photos in GQ magazine of Britain's most popular actress Kate Winslet have apparently been digitally changed at the star's request to make her look thinner.

The photos - most likely aimed at the American market - are a striking move towards the synthespianism that is now taking hold in Hollywood: now not only will there be cartoon actors, but living actors will be digitally enhanced. Indeed, nearly every photo of a celebrity in a fashion-spread has been so changed.

Anna Winslet, sister of Kate, and soon to appear in cult UK pic EMPTY MIRROR, was unavailable for comment. The film's director, however, has pointed out that none of the film's actors have been digitally enhanced unless they specifically requested such transmogrifications.


A festive rumour has been reported that Jane is secretly filming in a French production in the desert in boiling temperatures and was photographed in a bikini by a paparazzi in a strictly Muslim state.

Entertainment gossip suggests that she has landed the lead role of Gaby in a re-make of the 1930s French classic 'Pepé Le Moko' that is being shot in Algiers.

This seems unlikely as 120,000 people are estimated to have died in fighting in Algeria in the past 10 years.


34-year old supermodel Karen Mulder has been taken to the American Hospital in Paris in a coma following a suicide attempt.

She overdosed on sleeping tablets and was found lifeless on the floor of her flat by a former boyfriend, Jean Yves Le Fur (not an alias).

Last year Karen broke down in tears on French television having alleged that she was forced to have sex with people against her will to get better contracts. She later withdrew these claims.

Known as "the blonde with class" it is estimated that she has amassed £10 million from modelling for the likes of Chanel, Versace, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent.

Yet it is believed that years of having her photograph taken, led - inevitably - to depression.

She has commented:

"I was so bad that I couldn't get up."


A new survey has revealed that magazine pictures of Jane-type models depress the average British woman in only 9.2 seconds.


Jane's management have denied allegations of tastelessness in the continuing merchandizing of her image despite her 'disappearance'.

A spokesperson commented:

"It's like Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley. They may not be here, but they still make money - not that I'm saying anything has happened to Jane, of course."


Anorexia nightmare of top model.

Internationally famous UK model Karen Elson has confessed to suffering chronic eating disorders throughout her catwalk career.

Hospitalized at the age of 13, Karen was never cured and now has told the media she suffers both anorexia and bulimia.

"I'd be not eating or bulimic and taking laxatives, which is absolutely gross".

She continues in therapy.



Police are reported to be investigating Jane's connections with failed internet fashion giant www.Bang.com to solve the riddle of her apparent disappearance.

Bang.com, the online fashion store founded by Finnish photographer and internet entrepreneur Iannis Kerkis, and Danish model Tristania Tzara, infamously raised $150 million and collapsed in 18 months, losing investors all their money. Jane's body and personality had been virtually fed in to Bang's state-of-the-art computer system to produce Miss Bang, the international virtual face of the company on line, and a hostess who would invite you to select clothes which the viewer could then see on her at the click of a mouse.

"I am worried about Jane", said Mr Kerkis from his Helsinki penthouse. "We lost touch after Bang imploded, but everyone loved Jane's virtual representation; none of the financial disaster was her fault.

If anything, she was too popular. Before the company crashed we were getting hits from all over the world. OK, we may not have sold that many pairs of trainers in our short life as a company, but that wasn't what it was about, not for me anyway.

The medium is the message, right? And our message was that with new technology wherever you are in the world - New York, London, Baghdad, Tel Aviv - you can be perfect. If you're a woman you can be like Jane Marsh. All you need to do to live the life is to buy the products, and we'll sell you those products.

It's a beautiful idea; everyone can be perfect; everyone can be the same, and Jane was the face and body of that perfection for us here at Bang.

I mean everyone wants to be skinny now, right? I mean emaciated. It's a fashion statement. It means control. It means confidence. And if you can't achieve that naturally - whatever that means - you have a duty to have surgery. A duty to yourself, for your own self-respect, but also to society; conformity is the new rebellion, right?

And Jane was perfect for that. Is perfect, I mean … It's unbelievable the e-mails we got from all over the world - the dirty stuff, not the clothes orders - and all of it about Jane. It was frightening … that's to say it would have been frightening if it was real, because it wasn't real, was it? It's a virtual Jane who has become Miss Bang, and what people threatened her with … their fantasies I mean … and it's remarkable psychologically how similar these are across the world - all pure Freud - they weren't real either. Ha … Ha …. It was crazy.

But although we laughed about it I knew it worried Jane a little, the sheer volume of the stuff, like a sewer … Ugh! … You know, we had big plans for Miss Jane's virtual personality; Hollywood was a possibility. It's all going in to synthetic representation there now. They hate using human actors. Ten years from now it'll all be synthespians, you wait and see, it's a logical move on from all these cartoon films they're making - Spiderman, Scooby Doo, Hector's House.

I know Jane took the collapse of her virtual acting career very badly. OK as a computer image she was maybe a little unsympathetic … a little cold even … but she would certainly have been better than somebody like Madonna, you know? Come on! … Ha … ha … Shit …

I don't know … But maybe she disappeared because of that … I hope … I hope it's not to do with any of the messages Miss Bang got because … I don't believe that's real. Do you think it's real? … If Jane reads this I hope she could send me an e-mail. I know how she feels. With the collapse of Bang.com I was under constant pressure too … I know what it's like to be a megastar, you know?"



Japanese Jane fans die to be like their idol.

Despite - or perhaps because of - the mystery of international supermodel Jane Marsh's disappearance, her popularity in Japan has reached new heights, and has now taken a sinister turn.

Such is the fixation of Japanese girls on the pencil-slim blonde superstar that over 1,000 women have fallen ill after taking herbal slimming aids from China; there have been 5 fatalities to date.

For many the ideal body shape is that of local pop icon Namie Amuro who (like Jane herself) weighs less than six-and-a-half stone.

In Japanese society - where career opportunities for women are more restricted than in the west - appearance and age are crucially important in how women feel valued by their society.

In May a study found that 5% of girls in Tokyo junior schools have suffered from anorexia nervosa; a furthermore, nationwide reports of eating disorders have risen ten times since 1980.

Jane's diet book ('How to Starve Yourself to Goddess Heaven') sells phenomenally well in Japan, where bookstores have whole sections on slimming books and magazines. One local title - 100 Easy Ways to Diet - shows how to lose weight by blowing up balloons, wrapping yourself in cellophane and singing Karaoke. Jane's number one single in Japan ('Wrap Me Tight') used similar imagery in its video.


A visit by local Police - taken at the insistence of Tina Marsh - has led to the surprising news that - despite press speculation - Jane Marsh is not being treated at London's Priory Clinic. Spokesperson Max Plank issued a statement saying:

"We operate a policy of strict client confidentiality. If a patient is in residence here they are guaranteed secrecy. Also if they are not. Only the intrusion of the police has forced us to issue this statement."


Model's mother lashes out. Tina Marsh has told reporters of her despair at the lack of action taken by police concerning the mystery of her daughter's location.

"Everyone believes what they read in the papers. So now the authorities tell me that Jane's receiving treatment for drugs or alcohol abuse somewhere and I say who told you that? Prove it to me! I'm at my wits ends … I mean … the Priory won't tell me … and I'm Jane's mother … whether she's there or not. They say that all patients receive complete confidentiality, so I said to them 'You're confirming that she is a patient there' and they said 'we're not confirming it or denying it'. It's insane. Now I'm on tranquilizers myself. I can't sleep at night. I have such terrible nightmares. If Jane is reading this could she please contact me. Please. Do you think they let them have newspapers in those clinics? ..."


Priory Clinic refuses to comment on journalist's scoop. The Priory Clinic, located in Roehampton, South London, has refused to confirm or deny reports that supermodel Jane Marsh is receiving treatment within its walls for substance abuse.

Supervising psychiatrist Max Plank (45) told reporters: "If Miss Marsh was a patient here I wouldn't tell you; I wouldn't tell anyone; our clients come here for complete seclusion."

Fees at the Clinic - where fellow British-model Kate Moss also received treatment - start at £2,000 per day.


Gossip columnist claims she knows of Jane's whereabouts.

Tabloid celebrity journalist Diana De Ville (39) has rubbished the protests of Jane's family and PR concerning her "disappearance".

"I've been reliably informed that this is connected to relationship problems. I can tell you that she is still in this country, but in hiding."


Jane's mother accuses police.

Jane's mother, Tina Marsh, 44, has accused the police of taking no action in the 3 weeks since her 'disappearance'. "I haven't heard from Jane for 3 weeks, and it's just driving me crazy", said Mrs Marsh. "No one seems to be listening to my worries about my daughter, I really feel that Jane could be like that poor girl in America that they've just found … I mean no one really took that seriously, did they? The police didn't look seriously, no matter what they said … They just didn't care and it's the same here as in the USA."

The remains of missing Washington aide Chandra Levy, 24, were found in a park near her home a few days ago. Ms. Levy had vanished 13 months ago, but searches of the same thickly-wooded park near her home had previously found nothing.

Computer experts who analysed Mr. Levy's computer soon after her disappearance said that on the morning she vanished she had surfed the Internet and spent several minutes looking at the Web page for the 1,700 acre Rock Creek Park and for details of an old historic house in the park.

Police sources had speculated that she might have gone to meet someone at or near the house.

Her skeleton was found less than half a mile from the house by a man who was out with his dog.

The dog was burrowing through piles of leaves deep in the woods and returned with a human skull.

The owner called the police at once, and they found the rest of the skeleton scattered around the area.

It is believed that animals may have dug up other bones.

The body was badly decomposed, but dental records led to identification. Yet vital clues may have been lost.


"Model diary to go ahead despite Jane's disappearance".

A diary sponsored by Greenpeace featuring the UK supermodel Jane Marsh is to be published in Britain today despite the mystery of her present whereabouts.

In a new approach for eco-activism, Greenpeace is raising money with a sexy desktop diary featuring Jane in a variety of nude poses connected with environmental themes.

The ' Summer Solstice' diary features a number of shots taken at dawn at Stonehenge with robed actors as Druids - a plea for the preservation of historic monuments;

in another, in a Saharan setting, Jane stretches naked on a mountain of empty mineral water bottles to protest against the dangers of non-recyclable plastics;

again, in the desert, Jane is nude but for a light sprinkling of sand - an image designed to remind us of both the blight of spreading deserts and the apocalyptic imminence of global warming in general;

for the December shot, in a provocative pose she is seen walking down a crowded Arab street as she is grabbed by legions of dirt-smeared hands - an allegory of the dangers of over-population;

a stunning image shows her blue inside an iceberg that is breaking away from the polar ice cap - a consequence of rising sea temperatures;

controversially, a series of the photos are linked with the Catholic Church's failure to promote contraception in the Third World. These last photographs - involving Jane au naturel and ecclesiastical figures, as well as a giant inflatable condom - have caused some copies of the desk diary to be burned in both India and Latin America.

A Greenpeace spokesperson commented:

"The diary is a new departure for us, and it's selling well worldwide".

Publicist Max Moroder, speaking on behalf of Jane, added: "I know that Jane feels very strongly about all the world issues she has made poses about in these photos. I would urge all her true fans to buy this book".


Sales of 'Me!' shoot up in Britain's book shops.

"We think of Jane as the new Agatha Christie", comments a W.H. Smith spokesperson.


Police refuse to act in Marsh 'disappearance': "celebrity has not been 'missing' long enough", say CID.


Model has 'disappeared' claims publicist.

Max Moroder, publicist for Jane Marsh, has informed the press that he has "no idea" where his client is, and that in consultation with her management, family and friends, has decided to call in the police.

"Anyone who calls this a publicity stunt is being tasteless in the extreme", said Mr Moroder, 58.


Supermodel Jane Marsh has been refusing to answer enquiries concerning her recent about-turn on the wearing of fur.

Ms. Marsh - who last week published her autobiography entitled 'Me!' to public acclaim - caused a storm of protest when she revealed her new look in Milan over the weekend.

"I'm me and I can do what I want!" she told crowds of journalists as she returned to her luxury central London flat from Heathrow Airport in a fur Avengers-style trousersuit.

Ms. Marsh was uncontactable by journalists today.

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